THC Production, LLC

Established in 2016

About Us

THC Production, LLC is the parent company of Experience Premium Cannabis (EPC), and OMG THC. We a Las Vegas-based producer of fine quality CBD & THC products for the medical and recreational cannabis market. Our products can be located in Nevada dispensaries.

We manufacture medicated edibles including chocolate-covered fruits and nuts, gummies, candies, as well as temple balls, Afghani hash, vape cartridges, and a range of medicated tinctures.

THC Tinctures

CBD Tinctures

Combo Tinctures

Specialty Tinctures

Chocolate Covered Fruit

Chocolate Covered Nuts

Assorted Chocolate Bars

THC Infused Gummies

Afghani Hash & Temple Balls

Vape Cartridges (Coming Soon)

Experience Premium Cannabis (EPC)

Experience Premium Cannabis (EPC) is excited to provide a full line of ratio-specific THC and CBD infused tinctures. EPC is a solventless cannabis production facility that is passionate about our people, the planet, and her precious resources. Our products are responsibly processed and packaged in eco-friendly, recycled seeded hemp paper. You can actually plant our box, and watch it grow! We believe in using safe, natural ways to extract cannabis and CBD for all of our tinctures.


At OMG THC, we’re on a never-ending quest to provide you with the highest quality Cannabis products we can create. That all starts with selecting cannabis strains with fragrant, delicious terpenes and high concentrations of THC and CBD. We make a delicious assortment of edibles and concentrates for the Nevada recreational and medical cannabis market. And get this… OMG THC is the only producer of old school Afghani hash in the state of Nevada!


OMG THC produces high-quality edible confections with taste-free THC distillate and the best chocolate and candy ingredients available!


Can you say SUPERB? We take pride in our products and put quality over quantity. Our super-pure hash and vapable oils are the best you’ll find in Nevada! 

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